School Cafeteria

In our school with 3,200 students the cafeteria can get full very quickly in the lunch period. There are also long lunch lines in which students may not get food until near the end of lunch. With all of these people the side of the school can become crowded. I have decided to create a satellite cafeteria for the other side of our school in which students would not be packed into one space and that the students on this end of the school would have quick and easy access to a cafeteria without having to cross the school.

There are approximately 3,200 students in our school in which there are two separate lunches. With around 1,600 students eating lunch at the same time I feel there needs to be more space for the students to go. The cafeteria that we currently have can hold 1,188 students, though not everyone eats lunch in the cafeteria. I think that with a second cafeteria it would help open up more space for students to enjoy their lunch time. Looking at an overview of the school with Google Earth and going around the school I found a spot that I think is close enough to the school as well as easily accessible by students on that end of the school. I would also plan on using 3M Sun Control window films over the windows to make sure that the sun is not beating down on the students.

A sketch of my proposed idea.

A section of my original design.

An overhead sketch of the area which I plan on placing the second cafeteria.

This is the site I am looking at putting the new cafeteria on.

Another perspective of the same site.

Circulation of people. Blue is the flow of people, green is landscaped areas.

I want to make the second cafeteria on the opposite side of the school. I am also looking at placing storefront in a dome shape to let in natural light and cut down on the use of artificial lighting and creating a brighter cafeteria. To cut down on glare and heat 3M sun control window films can be placed on the windows with different intensities at different hights on the storefront. the darker films would be placed on the top and lighter films near the bottom creating an effect that looks similar to the sky. On a clear day when you look up at the sky it is darker directly above you and as you look further out the sky becomes lighter and lighter, this is the effect I would like to achive with the film as well as helping cut down on heat, light intensity, and air conditioning costs/ energy costs. I would like to add a second story with a balcony to add more seating and give covered outdoor seating on the first floor and open outdoor seating on the second. The direction in which the sun travels is also how the half dome storefront is faced so that as the sun moves throughout the day it gives light through the curve of the dome to give more natural light. The food service area will be a long bar that students can select the food they would like to eat and the take the food to the cashiers.

The base of the new cafeteria with refrense to where it sits on the site.

Sidewalks around the school and leading to the new cafeteria.

My idea for a second cafeteria. I have created a countinous line with food set out for students to take uup to the cashier and pay for with two entrances for this line and three cashiers. There is also a teachers dining area which is set up were food can be placed there by the kitchen staff so that it is not out of their way yet still have acess to the room from the serving area. seating is set up for students both inside and out with tables form small groups our large groups and bar style setting as well as tables with couch and chair seating.


An interior rendering from the second floor.