JHS2011 Locker

What is the purpose of a locker?
The purpose of a locker is for one to have their belongings safe in a place where no one else can have access to.

How was the way you use your locker changed since kindergarten?
In kindergarten we only had hooks where our backpacks and coats would be hung. Throughout elementary I didn’t have access to lockers until high school where I was to share lockers with a classmate I trusted.

How many times a day do you visit your locker?
2-3 times

Do teachers and school administrators have safety and security concerns?
Yes, they are concerned of what is stored in the locker for example weapons or drugs.

What types of the materials are lockers made from?
Lockers are made from metal

This is a simple sketch of the locker I would have designed with the features I want.

Things I like about my locker:
• I can keep stuff in my locker and knowing it is safe
• The one shelf to place the books
• The hooks to place my jacket or sweater
Thing I don’t like about my locker:
• It is small and crowded
• The lock that is placed can take time to open
• I share lockers that it takes place
• Not all the books fit in the shelf for two people
• The way that they are put together is crowded for the person next to you to open it.
The locker I would make would be made out of metal because the locker needs to be made good enough to support strength with the objects that would be placed in the locker.