A perspective of the new roof garden and the new addition. A note on the finishes of the aluminum cladding: The green cladding has a reflective finish to add some spark and shine while the bright yellow cladding has a satin finish to add a bit of contradiction to the design.


Excellent work! I would like to see more!

I think this is all really cool, but I don't see any sustainability here. But I really like this.

Thanks! well one of the benefits of having a roof garden will allow students to grow their own food - meaning the school could use food waste and turn it into compost for the garden (it would cut down on waste being produced by the school.) I also made sure the addition uses as much natural light as possible by incorporating skylights for passive solar heating. If you go back to my "collect info" it shows the solar study of the site.

That's really cool, especially the roof garden.

I wanted to let you know that I am a licensed architect and also the Dean of a school of Architecture in the mid-west, and I served as one of the official jurors in the competition.

I am really very impressed with all aspects of your work, well done !!
This is a very strong submission, and I think you are definitely ready for architecture school :-)

The project starts out strong with an outstanding summary statement. You also did a great job of not only collecting information about the existing conditions, but also making great observations about the existing conditions, which begin to set up a design intent that enables you to embark on an effective development process.

I also appreciate the case studies that you cited, and the way you commented on how they were relevant to your design ideas.

Perhaps my favorite part of your submission is your hand sketches, which are really wonderful. In the brainstorm and development phases, the sketches are not only illustrative of your design concept, but they also help to illustrate how you are thinking through the design solution. I should also say that one of the strongest aspects of the proposal is that the design solution is really inventive. Even though you did good work in the early stages to set yourself up to do well, the cantilevered addition was certainly not an obvious solution, so this really demonstrates your creative ability.

One thing I would encourage you to do is to sketch more and wait a little longer before you jump into the computer models. I think like many students your thinking was a bit freer when you were drawing with a pencil than the computer, so in your future work, I would really recommend that you draw more by hand – it is serving you very well.

One design issue that I think you need to consider is the fact that it looks to me like your scheme would require rebuilding the entire roof of the cafeteria area. Since the existing roof seems to be framed with shallow pitched trusses, I think to achieve your scheme it would require a complete reconstruction of the roof. That’s fine and the competition certainly didn’t ask you to consider budget or anything like that, but it might help you just to recognize that.

I appreciate the fact that you paid attention to the way users would interact with your space and I think you made several moves that would make it a much more engaging experience, and you also incorporated good thinking about sustainability at the same time.

The final presentation is really great – the renderings are great, the design is thoughtful and creative. You should know that you are doing very advanced work. Congratulations !

Way to go Stephen! Congratulations on your win with this exciting project!
Aimee Eckmann

What a wonderful project – congratulations on a successful competition entry.

I am a Chicago based architect who served on the final competition jury, and I am quite pleased to see your entry in the top ten. There are numerous ways that you have met and exceeded expectations.

Your thoughtful analysis of the existing conditions, including the path of the sun, the case studies of other projects, and the overall evolution of your scheme are quite remarkable. You took the time to model the existing building, which is important for the viewers to orient themselves. The introduction of color in architecture does exactly what you say – provides something more enjoyable to look at than the vast amount of red brick of the original school. Overall, very professional work – you should be proud of your efforts.

As you continue to progress in your career, look for ways to improve your work and be your own best editor. There are a few things you might want to consider next time. When you mention the historic decorative elements on the façade, and include images of wonderful interior murals, be sure that these critical elements are noted in your final presentation. Your black & white plans and section in the Final Design are very good – annotation is so important, and you made sure you had time to include – however, I would have liked to see some color or poche to indicate what is the existing building, what is new, what is interior and what is exterior. This would also help to differentiate what elements are being cut through, or what is a lower roof below. In ‘Brainstorm Ideas’, you did this perfectly in sketch form, just don’t forget to illustrate the same in the ‘Final Design’. Finally, while your rough sketches are fantastic, it would be great to see some other options that you considered prior to developing the shape and section. What other colors, patterns and forms did you consider before arriving at the chosen outcome? What was your critical thinking along the way – you did this with the structure, but apply that same decision making to all of the elements.

Overall, an amazing project: professional quality renderings, plans and a logical progression from start to the final design. Best of luck in your future endeavors. You obviously have tremendous talents and abilities, and the future is very bright for you. Well done.

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Good, I agree with such a design plan. I hope will be a very beautiful look. so comfortable viewing and can be occupied.


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A reflective finish on the cladding sounds really cool to me! And I also love the color palette that you’ve chosen for your project. This choice is almost as hard as learning how to grow hair after lupus.

The project starts out strong with an outstanding summary statement. You also did a great job which begin to set up a design intent that enables you to embark on an effective development process. uk assignment

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it is very beautiful. The green cladding has a reflective finish to add some spark and shine while the bright yellow. even looks like I will be a little mimic the way you make the building design

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