These modern-looking bookshelves are not only contemporary but they allow more books to be held in.

how do they hold more books? the look cool - but are they really performing better than standard shelves?

They allow for us to keep the more "standard reading" on the shelves and more casual reading like magazines and newspapers on these more modern shelves. Correct, they probably don't perform better than standard shelving. It's more for looks.

While stunning in design, these shelves would not be practical for storing any book we wanted to keep in any kind of order (Dewey Decimal System, alphabetical for fiction). However, I could see displaying new books and perhaps having labels for the various types of books (fiction, nonfiction, biography, etc.) However, if we ever get to the point of having Ebooks, shelving will not be a concern! Sarah Gibson, Librarian, Mira Loma High School

Thats a good idea, we will use these bookshelves for "new releases", for the majority of books we will look to find some standard bookshelves.

On this website there is a photobucket that will show you more pictures on the future library that we will construct.
our extended picture blog

These book shelves look amazing! However I'm wondering are the book shelves going to be place against the walls of the library or stand alone? I think that it'd would be beneficial to look into other book shelves if you choose to let them stand alone because although they look really beautiful they may not be that functional. I can't wait to see your final design of the library!

You guys can consider incorporating shelves into the wall.

We have talked about that, however since our walls will incorporate a lot of windows in order to maximize natural light, shelves in the walls aren't really practical for our design. Thank you though

We will have these bookshelves in certain places around the library, but we will also have more standard bookshelves along the walls. Thank you!

I suggest using an alternative form of shelving because yours is unorganized and does not provide adequate shelving space....just food for thought =)

That's understandable. We've gotten that comment a lot, but we look to use those kinds of shelving in more "casual areas" for magazines and newspapers. It definitely draws attention to that section of reading!

We love the idea of these shelves. How would you separate the shelves from the categories of books? You could also use alot of recycled products to make this shelf.

Again, the more standard reading would be on the standard shelving. These shelves would have casual reading. That is a great idea! We'd definitely have to look into incorporating recycled material into the design.

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