These flourescent light bulbs are energy efficient saving 90% more energy, and more environmently friendly than the incandescent light bulbs.


i can't make a direct comment on yoru summary section - but i am impressed with your focus on sustainability. be sure to check out some of the links to systems on the discover design website. they should be helpful.

Where are the links to systems?

I like this idea of using cool looking and efficient lightbulbs. On the other hand how much would it cost to have these lightbulbs installed?

I agree, it does cost more to install them, but in the long-run it will save more money as well as energy.

We really like how these lights look, they stand out. You will need to make sure you put the lights so that they light up the whole room, without having a lot of them next to each other. Have you thought about where you're going to hang the lights, so that all the rooms will have enough light.

Florescent light bulbs are really bright. They will be placed mostly in the lounge and quiet reading areas.

You'll want to make sure you're developing lighting fixtures so that the light in the library is conducive to reading as well.

Thank You Mr. Lineback, we will keep that in mind when we start installing the lighting into our library.