In the Brainstorm Ideas step of the design process, you will develop ideas from all of the information you've collected. You will start to be inspired by what you collected earlier.

During this stage of the process, architects may begin sketching or making diagrams to help them understand how all the data and information they've collected may impact the design of the project. These early drawings — which may include bubble diagrams for example — will help the architects document their ideas, because it's likely the solution will change as they work.

How do you Brainstorm Ideas for this step of the design process?

In the this step of the design process, you’ll want put some early ideas down on paper that refer to what you found during the Collect Info step. You also might take more photos to show specific new ideas you have.

Consider uploading:

  • hand sketches
  • site plan drawings
  • a quick study model of all your first ideas.

You can scan these drawings or take photos of your model.