The final step of the design process is to create more finished drawings that illustrate your ideas to others. Remember, your explanation text and the types of drawings, images, and models you share need to tell the whole story of your project to someone who may or may not have ever used the object, visited your site or even your city.

How do you create a Final Design for this step of the design process?

  • For your final design, you will want to post a short but effective paragraph of your process and the unique solutions you found and developed. Tell us about your ideas and how they may or may not have changed over the course of the project.
  • What essential skills have you learned? Think about where you started this class or project and what you know now. Practice writing about this here - it might come in handy for a job or college application!
  • You might want to share floor plans, elevations, renderings of your digital model, photos of a physical model, or a video animation of your model.

What should I upload in the Final Design step?

  • final hand or digital renderings
  • images of your finished physical model
  • or your finished digital model
  • You can even include links to a YouTube or Vimeo of a digital walk-through like this one:

What else should I accomplish as I finalize my project?

Review your design and test it against your original success statement that you wrote for the Define step. Does it meet this criteria?

Make a list of your ideas, sketches, and study models. For your final design you will want to write and post a short but effective paragraph of your process and the unique solutions you found developed. Tell us about your ideas.

As your ideas have changed through the project, be sure to explain your thinking and let others know about the new work you have posted to your account. Go back to the virtual drawing board and revise your project based on the feedback of others.

Revisit prior steps of your project and make sure they are well-written and clear.

Your teacher and architectural mentors will be looking for these things:

  • originality in your design
  • your ability to creatively solve the design challenge
  • the quality of images, sketches, drawings, and models you have uploaded in each of the five design process steps (Define, Collect Info, Brainstorm Ideas, Develop Solutions, and Final Design).
  • how well you have written about and explained your thinking in each of the design process steps