Above are a few images of the chosen site and its surrounding community. The lot is approximately 101,260.5 square feet and 2.3 acres large, therefore there is a lot of space to build upon. The first picture shows a very general outline of the size of one affordable housing unit which would be around 20ft high, 70ft long and 40ft wide. This includes the front porch or patio but does not include the backyard or front/side yards. The second picture shows the entirety of the lot where 11 or more affordable housing units can be built. The third picture is an aerial shot where the developments around the empty lot can be seen. There are multiple homes across the road, as well as across the Jordan River. Additionally, there is also a trail towards the back of the lot which is a great opportunity for families and pets to walk and run on. The trail can also later be renovated to have seating which would allow neighbors to get to know each other better. The fourth picture shows the contrast between the neighboring houses and the empty lot. This inspires me to design and create affordable housing in the empty lot that will not only help medium income families, but will also improve the look and cohesiveness of this neighborhood that is currently lacking.