When designing and creating successful affordable housing, I think it’s first very important to develop a list of different features and elements that are important to have in housing. First of all, I think an outdoor patio or porch is crucial for housing because it promotes the homeowners to spend more time outside and increases the chance of socializing with the surrounding neighbors. Secondly, having a backyard is also very important because families with children and pets can use the outdoor area to play and interact with each other. It’s very important to me that families spend as much time indoors as they do outdoors in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Moving on, location is a key factor when designing and creating affordable housing. It’s important that the housing is close to downtown as the transportation time will be less which will ultimately reduce pollution. Also, being closer to downtown opens more opportunities for jobs, schools and holds more recreational venues. Lastly, I think having affordable housing that has both a family area and privacy is very important. This being said, I would want my proposed affordable housing to have a spacious living room for family gatherings, as well as 3 bedrooms for to fit four family members and 3 bathrooms. This will ensure that everybody has their own individual and unique space.