I decided to create a land use map in order to see the patterns of how buildings were grouped together. As the site I chose is in a residential area, the vast majority of the buildings around it were residential (yellow colored). However, there were two buildings that were not: an institutional/public building (blue colored) and an industrial building (grey). Both of these buildings seem to no longer be in business and therefore could end up being transformed into more housing. From creating the land use map, I was able to gain a deeper knowledge on how cities organize their residential streets in a variety of different ways. The way the neighborhoods are organized might not always seem like the most logical and can sometimes seem very scattered, however there are several factors that must be considered when a city is finding a suitable lot for housing. Another observation I made is that there is a lot of empty space that could be used to make the neighborhood more efficient. For example the green space in the middle could be turned into a park, a neighborhood pool, affordable housing or any other venue that would allow community members to come together and interact. The area that I have chosen to place the proposed affordable housing is in the empty area to the left of Riverside Dr. There are no existing buildings which make the process much easier, and there is also plenty of space to build upon.