Since I didn’t include some key aspects in the first floor plan, I sketched out a more refined version. Firstly, I decided to change the shape of the house since I felt it was too “block-ish” and could have more interesting elements. Although the most important thing is that my house is affordable for the median income household and has enough space for a family of four, it’s also important that the house is visually pleasing and helps to improve the look of a neighbourhood. Therefore, I separated the garage from the house itself, and added a pathway in between that will lead to a patio and grass area. The patio will include a plant wall and possibly a water feature. Overall, the house will look very vibrant and modern in the neighborhood which will have a positive impact on residents and neighbors. When a person’s neighborhood looks beautiful, their sense of pride and happiness will increase. Moving on, I then added the missing elements from the first floor plan: a garage, closets and laundry space. Now, the house includes a garage, a patio/grassy area, three bedrooms (each with a closet), 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room and laundry room. This house will definitely be able to accommodate a family of four.