In order to have a more thorough understanding of how much space I have to build on, I measured the dimensions of the lot using Google Earth. The lot is approximately 222 x 663 x 124 x 593 ft. From this, I was able to get a better understanding of how my affordable housing units will vary depending on where they are built within the empty lot. For example, some of the areas on the lot are wider or taller than others, which would allow for more/less backyard space or a bigger/smaller housing unit. The good thing is that there is a lot of space to build upon, and a good amount of affordable housing units should be able to fit within the lot. Therefore, this would provide a solution for the lack of affordable housing to more households. Furthermore, this aerial map (similar to the land use map) helped me understand the relationship between my proposed affordable housing units and the other buildings nearby. For example, right next to the chosen empty lot there is the “Seventeenth South Park” which would be a great area for all of the households to use and spend more time outdoors. Additionally, before looking at the aerial map, I wasn’t aware of the fact that there were some apartments, a church and a school only walking distance away from the empty lot. This is extremely important to know because it gives me an idea of the type of neighborhood my affordable housing will be built in, and the different resources the households will have access to nearby. Also, the streets surrounding the housing are very quiet since the lot is surrounded by more housing. This will positively impact buyers, because households are more inclined to buy a house in a quiet, serene neighborhood.