This is a rough exterior view that shows what the affordable housing will look like. Of course, I expect quite a few changes as I continue to review and refine different elements of the housing (such as the materials), however I do know that I would like the house to look very minimal and modern. Since the affordable housing will be fairly small in order to spend less money, I think both the interior and exterior would look more clean and aesthetically pleasing with the least amount of clutter. Additionally, I added a wood planter to contrast with the light blueish grey walls. The windows are big enough to let in a good amount of natural lighting during the day, and will also make the rooms inside seem more spacious and airy. Lastly, I decided to add some greenery on the outside of the house not only because it looks nice, but I realized that the empty lot had absolutely no trees. I think trees are necessary to have close to every home because they provide shade, character and beauty, but also buyers are more inclined to buy houses next to more trees and greenery.