exterior view of house

ACoakley's Competition Project

2016 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Design an affordable housing prototype

Define the Problem

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I am designing an affordable home for newly retired couples living in St. Charles. The town is very wealthy but there is little space for retired couples that want to stay in town.

Collect Info

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St. Charles is a town that was designed to attract young developing families but it lacks places for retired couples that want to stay in town. St. Charles is a wealthy town so I plan to make the affordable home that fits in with its surroundings but still small enough that it would be affordable to someone with a lower income. Due to the fact that St.Charles is a town that was built on the idea of attracting younger families I want to create a design that will allow enough room for families to visit so that way the town doesn't lose any of its attractions.

Below are pictures of different houses within St. Charles

Brainstorm Ideas

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Due to the fact that St. Charles is a wealthier town I am going to try and make the house on the bigger side but not so big to the point where it would cost to much for a retired couple living on a lower income. I plan to make the house two floors a first floor and a basement (I plan to leave the basement unfinished because its not for the purpose of living, it's simply for the purpose of shelter in case of a tornado) I didn't want the basement to be a living area because I am designing for a retired couple and it is highly likely that mobility will be limited.

You can see below a few bubble plans and floor plans that I sketched out.

Develop Solutions

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I asked my parent what they would want in a house because if this idea were to ever develop they would most likely being living in one of these houses and i wanted there input on my floor plan ideas. They liked my original one a lot more then my second one because my original one had a bathroom easily accessible from the back yard and the garage, and it also had a mud room so that the washer and drier could be on the first floor.

Below you will see my floor plan as it developed.

Final Design

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When designing the final floor plan I tried to put in as much detail as I could in the time that we had because I wanted to make sure that it was livable and that all of the rooms were big enough to fit what was nessasary.

Below you will see a view of the kitchen, the great room, the exterior of the house and a section view of the wall and roof so that you can see the materials.