Islas' Container Home

axislas's Container House

Design a Container House


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This house is designed to be affordable to a median household income family for the Pilsen community in Chicago. The design is a livable home out of standard industrial shipping containers.

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This design is built with 4 shipping containers. The house has the following: 2 floors, 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, game room, and 1 living room. The design was built for 4 residents .

Brainstorm Ideas

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I first started with the idea of having 4 containers all put together horizontally. Unfortunately, I had to change everything because the walls were too thin between the bedroom and also because according we only had a specific amount we could occupy in the city.

Develop Solutions

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I decided to change my design to a completely different idea. I designed the house with 2 floors. The first floor was designed for a couple or 2 adults. The second floor was designed for two teenagers with the exception of having no kitchen but a game room was integrated.

Final Design

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I want to present this as a beneficial project for the Pilsen community. My design is located in between 21 St and S.Blue Island Ave. This design is an example for affordable housing. My goal for this project was to design an affordable house for a median-income family. The house is divided in 2 floors for a total of 4 residents. Of course, I also want to talk about the benefits of building a shipping house, the following are: eco-friendly; avoid construction problem; fast; affordable; free imagination; and get them where you want them. This is a great opportunity for families who are low in economic and have the experience to live on a simple unique structure. The container was built with certain materials so it could cheap but sustainable for safety purposes. For example as you may see the design has really big windows, of course the family would want privacy but with good light source. So, frosted glass windows was the perfect match for this challenge.