Fiza's & Denis's Cafeteria Redesign

Redesign your school cafeteria


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We want the cafeteria to be big because there are too many kids in there and its small to fit everyone at once. We also need more chairs and tables in the cafeteria inside and outside. We all know that everyone's very tired in the morning so we want a coffee machine and a fresh glazed donuts machine so we can be fresh in the morning and learn something new everyday.

Collect Info

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Interview Questions and Answers Interview: My Dad's friend

1 Q) What was the cost of the materials that you build the cafeteria out of? 1 A) $5,000

2 Q) How many days did it take you to build it? 2 A) 4-5 months

3 Q) Was it hard to build? 3 A) Yes in the beginning it was but then it was easy when we were almost finish with it.

Brainstorm Ideas

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First of all we want to make our cafeteria bigger so we can fit all of these stuff like for example we want more chairs and tables inside and outside the cafeteria. During lunch we should have some t.v where we can watch a movie and eat our lunch. We also want three coffee machines and fresh glazed donuts machine. (But to that everyone will have to donate first.) After lunch kids can buy some snacks and that will include one drink, one cookie and one bag of chips but the Principal has to pay for us.

Develop Solutions

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W: 592ft. L:975ft.

Tables- L: 95 W:30 Tables- L: 144 W:95 Chairs- L:15 W:14 Around tables: 17 1/2 Tables 3: L:71

Final Design

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This is the model of our cafeteria. We want to make it look better and more comfortable. In our cafeteria we have chairs,tables, coffee machine, fresh glazed donuts machine,t.v. And have extra snack that you don't really have to pay because the principal will have to pay for you.