Jake Faulkner's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


  • Take into account how the market space and community interact. Along with how the site will function during different times of the year for all ages.
  • When designing a site for community gathering it's important to think about who lives in the area, what type of services are around it, and what are the needs of the neighborhood.
  • Includes options for additional functions to allow for gathering and communication ( i.e. raising awareness for community issues, performances, lectures, concerts, exhibition for public art.)
  • Understanding the community the market serves.
  • Improving access to resources and providing public gathering spaces.

Collect Info

In preparation for the competition I did four case studies on other community markets for inspiration. I looked at the 8th street market in Bentonville, Arkansas and Yagan Square in Perth, Australia. In Yagan Square they used asymmetrical shapes in the design of the permanent buildings, which helps it feel more organic. In the interior of the 8th Street Market I like the use of plants and exposed structure. In the McKinley Park neighborhood most of the residential housing is 2-3 story apartments. Nearby the site for the community market is a Cermak Fresh Market and a Target. The market I design shouldn't just be a place for fresh food, but a place for the people of McKinley Park to gather, communicate, and create.

Brainstorm Ideas

Before I started brainstorming ideas for my building and site work I created site and zoning analysis'. I found residential areas and where the most traffic was passing through. After that I created a bubble diagram for the site. A building bubble diagram was then made to help organize the room layouts. As well as a space program for the room sizes. I also wanted a direct connection between the station and my building so I made a rough sketch of what that would look like. All that left me with was a brand idea for my market. I combined the names of the Orange Line that stops at the station and Archer Ave.

Develop Solutions

On the first floor of the building is an art gallery, information desk, and cafe. The featured art will be local pieces that rotate through the gallery. At the info desk community members can learn what classes and flexible meeting spaces are available for the day. The second floor has a library annex where books can be picked up after being delivered from the main library. Attached is a computer lab for use in school projects, homework, or for use by anyone in the community without wifi. A small coffee shop where people can relax while they read is also located inside the annex. Across from the library are flexible meeting spaces and classrooms. The classrooms offer a variety of subjects year round. A cooking or sewing class could be taught for several weeks before switching out for tutoring in math.

Final Design

I situated my building in the top right of my site for easy access from the street and the 35th/Archer station. Bus stops are locate along the street side entrance of the building. The site is connected to the station by a bridge attaching to the roof of my building. Hundreds of people ride the Orange Line everyday, meaning they will pass by and stop at the market. When they get off at the station, they have to pass through the building and out through the site. Leading them past the art gallery and cafe and out to the farmers market itself. Covered by a large structure is the market with capacity for up to thirty separate vendors. All the food will be sourced from local farmers and sold by the vendors. In the colder months food can be ordered and pick up inside. In the fall a festival could be held, bands could come perform, and games would be set up around the site for kids to play. Around the holidays lights and decorations could be set up. When it becomes too cold outside to hold events, guest speakers could come speak at the art gallery or flexible meeting spaces.


Competition Jury 9 months ago
This is a great rendering and I really enjoy the view from the bridge. It has a very creative design and will create an attraction within the neighborhood. The exterior detail creates a good community space.