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2017 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Library + Community Space Design


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Little Italy, which the University Village is a larger neighborhood that living most middle class and middle - aged people. Also most of them are unmarried and do not have child. The University village has limited access to UIC campus libraries but no access to their own Public Library. There're a lot of people either having bachelor or associates degree that need library in their neighborhood. Technology become universal that make people decide to go to the library in their hand(Smart phone or compute). So the library would be open space and will provide interactive concept of literature that make little different from common library. But it would not be full technology machine or media center because it is mainly for middle aged people which most people live there not university students.

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University Village - Little Italy Population De/Occupational employment/Number of Households/Education Statistics/Marital Status/income

Total Population 97,085085 Male Population 49,7733 Female Population 47,313313 Percent Change Since 2000 25.5 %5 % Percent Change Since 2010 0.2 %2 % Median Age 30.38.38

White Collar 34,397397 Blue Collar 16,2888

Total Households 37,418418 Family Households 19,747747 Non-family Households 17,672672 Households With Children 10,832 Households Without Children 26,5866 Average People Per Household 2.32

No High School 12,0300 Some High School 6,421 Some College 7,1144 Associate Degree 2,7722 Bachelors Degree 11,9711 Graduate Degree 8,4755

Never Married 31,76262 Married 18,0600 Separated 4,094094 Widowed 1,21414 Divorced 4,2622

Median Income Under 25 $22,6211 Median Income 25-44 $57,026 Median Income 45-64 $63,509 Median Income Over 65 $25,30707 Average Household Income $83,333333 Median Household Income $55,437 Percent Increase/Decrease in Income Since 2000 52%% Percent Increase/Decrease in Income Since 2010 6%% Average Household Net Worth $531,6411 Median Home Sale Price $225,750 Sales Tax Rate 8% Average Household Total Expenditure $60,2833