lukewolsko's Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


The problem was to create a community market in one of two locations. I could use whatever materials I want and create whatever I want, but it had to be a good gathering space for people and fit inside the constraints of measurements.

Collect Info

I had to understand the area around where I was working, so I proceeded to find what kind of foods and things they had to do around here.

Brainstorm Ideas

I really wanted to make an area where I could grow food and sell it directly there, and I was thinking that food would be really useful for tired travelers getting off the subway but also for people in the neighborhood who don't have much access to this.

Develop Solutions

I wanted to fix the problems that I had with space and with making it a space that people could go to actually hang out and just chill rather than just being there.

Final Design

I incorporated all of the things that I thought about throughout the process and combined it all into one to make it a great place for people coming off the train, a great area for people to meet, and a good place for fresh food for growing families.