masonpi's Food Stand Design

Design a food stand for your school


My food truck will have a few basic things. It will have a charbroiler, a fryer, a refrigerator, a sink, and some shelving and counters and a ventilation hood to pull the smoke from the truck. With these things, almost any meal can be prepared that way the truck is versatile and can change to what the students want on the truck. The truck will be on a trailer for easy towing, this way it can be moved to anywhere we are wanting to sell food. Like most other food trucks it will be powered by a generator, we will use about a 10kW to 12kW that way no matter what we put in the truck it runs for the whole time we are selling.

On my food truck, I want students to eat delicious food and be full. Most of the students are spending about 2 dollars on their lunch and then about 2 to 3 dollars on extras, but some aren't getting full. This is a problem because lots of students play an after-school sport, they have practice every day for about 2 hours. If a student doesn't get enough food at lunch and then goes to practice hungry they may not perform as well. With a food truck open during lunch and or after school, students can get a good meal and not six chicken nuggets and some vegetables.


Danniella 7 days ago
Cool Truck, it should be on top 10 food trucks on CNBC as the prettiest food truck i've ever seen! Best regards Kosmetolog

Collect Info

The best spots to have a food truck are high foot traffic areas. The spot with the most foot traffic is right in front of the school doors where almost everyone walks in and out at the end of the day. This would be a good place to park it during school hours. Another spot that receives lots of foot traffic is the football and baseball fields. This would be an excellent place to park because lots of people from the town go to watch the football and baseball games. The same goes for track meets and other school events.

Brainstorm Ideas

To get our menu we would consult the students and see what they want. We could make just about anything with the way the truck is set up. To do this we would just use a google forum.

Another idea would be debit cards, to do this the easiest we would use a square card, these are free when you sign up, but it takes 2.75% off of each swipe to pay for it but that isn't a lot of money.

A lot of food trucks prepare their ingredients off the truck and then cook the food on the truck so its fresh. This saves loads of time.

Develop Solutions

The biggest problem with having the food truck would be the cost of running it. An idea to make money and also show students how a business works with some real-life experience would be to take the food truck to different places during the weekends and summer. This is expansive but if we stay busy then it will pay off. There are lots of things that you need to run a food truck like insurance, permits, and then also paying your employees. I think that we could take a group of students and one adult to different locations in the greater Kansas City area. The pool would also be a great place to take this if we had proper permits and permission from them. This would be awesome on Family Day when there are lots of parents.

Another thing to look into is events around the area, lots of times food trucks help out at events and festivals. this would be easy money because our truck may be the only food source there or it may be competing with other food trucks in order to get service.

Final Design

I want this food truck to represent the school. On the outside, I want to have the sports and clubs shown on a mural on the outside of the truck. I want the GEHS Logo on the sides of the truck. The color of the truck will be light blue with the mural as a silhouette in Blazer Blue. The logo of the truck will also be in white, and I want the lettering to be Blazer Blue.