Angelucci and Basehore Community Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


We are designing a market at 2211 W 35th Street for the community of Chicago, Illinois to act as a common ground that serves that all members of the community that is safe and allows for upcoming businesses to grow. The community is in need of a safe space for all types of people to gather, share ideas and grow ideas.

Collect Info

Before jumping into preliminary design, collecting information was essential to the project because all aspects of the community needs are crucial for the design of the market. As a class, we inspected the design packet while also posing our own questions. Such questions addressed problems such as utilizing space year round and maximizing the spaces potential.

Additionally, we posted the following questions to further our understanding of the concept of a community market:  What is a community?, Requirements of a Community, Types of Communities, Constraints of a Community, and Purpose of a Community. In order to answer these questions we brainstormed on our own, then in partners, then as a class. As a class, we came to the conclusion that a community is a wide variety of people and a community space should be accessible to all types of people and improve the community while trying to minimize the effect of gentrification. An important aspect of a community space is the incorporation of accessibility and this bring up the paramount idea of transit oriented communities.

This prompted us to further research the blend of a community space and transit. The types of transit offered to the people of chicago is cars, bikes, busses, trains, and also walking.  To view the access already available to the park, we inspected the surrounding area through Google Maps. Upon further inspection, we found that the park was already accessible by train, car, and foot traffic. To make the design more transit oriented we wanted to have bike racks, a space for a bus stop, a parking lot, and access to the train station adjacent to the lot.

To make sure we didn't omit anything about community spaces, we inspected our own school as a class to find possible problems. Such things under scrutiny included ADA requirements and ease of access. Finally, we stumbled upon the one major problem of a high traffic community space: the need to accommodate people with disabilities. People in wheelchairs often need more space in areas to maneuver. This would later become integral during the design process.

Through the process of collecting information we gained a further understanding of what was needed to develop a functional community space.

Brainstorm Ideas

After finishing the collecting information step, Thomas and I began to outline out idea for what we wanted and needed in our marketplace. We constructed a grid to aid our design brainstorming. We also looked at nearby markets and designs online to create a unique mixture which we felt would be modern and also fit the city of Chicago. We decided the best way to utilize the space was to go underground. Our list of wants and needs were spread across three different levels, a ground, balcony, and foundation level.

Develop Solutions

This site is designed to have three levels, an outdoors area, an foundation level, and a balcony level. The outdoors is meant to provide gathering spaces in warmer weather. The entrance is designed to be an entrance hub to allow masses to enter the lower levels of the site. There are four elevators in the hub which bring you to the center of the market. You are then surrounded by many variations of comfortable seating and eating areas. Our space addresses the handicap problem by providing a ramp to all levels in case of emergency. We also took heating and light into consideration by implementing glass walkways. The walkways are not only ascetic, but also serve as skylights to the main floors below. In order to address the issue of safety, we also implemented the blue light emergency system which notifies the police is someone feels unsafe and hits the button.


thecoolestcircle 9 months ago
I think the way that you played with sunlight was really cool and produced a really unique effect that's also practical.

Final Design

The purpose of this marketplace was not only to bring in necessary food but also to provide an opportunity for people to gather and grow as a community. One of the main goals was to avoid the negative aspects of gentrification so we incorporated food stands and open spaces for local vendors and businesses. In order to combat the harsh winter weather, we added a large indoor area and even fire pits so that the outdoor section can be used in brisk weather. This model is designed to be a modern biophilic community gathering space which inspires growth and productivity to the people of Chicago.


Competition Jury 9 months ago
The concept of the underground market is very interesting. It might feel a bit like a basement or lose traffic due to not having visibility. The skylights are really innovative. What would this have looked like as a greenhouse-like structure? A site-plan would be very helpful!