The 35th Street Market

The 35th Street Market

2018 National DiscoverDesign Competition:


The 35th Street Market Solution Transform Chicago into an involved and healthy community.

While creating our market, the sole focus and drive was to solve the disjunction between people and therefore their habits. We also wanted to design a place that encouraged healthy habits which extends past pedestrian marketplaces. We decided to choose the McKinley Park lot because it has more space to create a warmer environment for the community to feel welcome in. With this in mind we decided to explore the option of creating a band shell to motivate music and the performing arts within the community. With nearly 150 seats, the performing center caters to a small knit community and local bands. Additionally, The 35th Street Market allows citizens to take initiative in creating a healthier lifestyle with an attached greenhouse with enough room for a plentiful garden. The first level of the Market encompasses simple design with natural light in order to create the illusion of an outdoor market indoors, where vendors find easy access to set up their booths. The second level houses a coffee spot that allows individuals to study, chat, or relax. In addition, the second level includes a spacious kitchen in order for the community to utilize the healthy foods they have provided for themselves and learn to create nutritious dishes. Furthermore, The 35th Street Market includes a roof entertainment space, where parties may rent out for special occasions and celebrations. On the street-facing sides of the market, the walls will be commissioned to become a mural by local artists. This will allow The 35th Street Market to garner reputation and become a recognizable tourist landmark. Our Market encompasses invigorating activities to stimulate the local community and create revenue through the sponsorship of performance arts and healthy food solutions.

Collect Info

We researched the surrounding buildings and area around the lot to get a feel for transportation issues and sound quality. Researching Pike's Place Market and Tasty Catering allowed us to see the strategies they used and implement them into our plan.

Brainstorm Ideas

In order to solve the given problem, we assessed the issues that faced the community and how we could make a difference in their diets and behaviors through our design. We brainstormed ideas that would make our market impactful to the community and become and landmark in the area.

Develop Solutions

In this stage we worked on mostly free hand drawings to get a feel for a realistic look of the structures and amenities. Some amenities include a café and bar as well as a kitchen for the public.

Final Design

Through the use of a software such as Revit, we were able to create life like renderings of the 35th Street Market. We were to put into reality our aspirations for what muralists want to be able to accomplish and see what the space looked like with people. Finally we were able to create a scale model of our market including topography to create a life like, physical rendering.


jabad 5 months ago
I like how you built into a second story. That was something I didn't even think of when I designed mine. Also, I love, like LOVE your model. :D
mar.quien 4 months ago
Your renders and drafting look really good! I also think its really nice to have built a physical model that brings out that 3D detail you don't get to see from just drafting. It would be neat to also have added indoor renders to things, such as the cafe, and parallel the views of the render to that of the model. Be proud of the effort you've put into the brainstorming because it shows in the final project:) Also, the idea of having local chefs to volunteer is a really thoughtful one that could've been brought up again in the Final Design, but I'm glad you did point out the murals because those look awesome.