Container House

Design a Container House


The problem was: to create an affordable house made out of shipment containers. The house is supposed to be for a medium income family in the area of Pilsen.

Collect Info

People are starting to care about the planet and they know that they can help by reusing and re-purposing. What factors are causing the increasing global demand for affordable housing? There has been an increase in the population.

Containers are not expensive and there are a lot of containers that have no specific use, people take advantage of those variables to create affordable housing.

Brainstorm Ideas

Who will interact with the container home and its occupants? Sadly the neighbors are loud They don’t care about the neighbors They don’t care about the neighbors They will not interact with them intentionally The community is not very diverse Who will own the house and pay for its constructions and upkeep? They would want to live there until they can make enough to move to a different state. They would want it to be modern Who will live or work in close proximity to the dwelling? The house would be alone for most of the day If the price of the neighbor’s properties go up because of the container home they would not care for it very much Who might threaten the safety of the home’s occupants? Because the house stands out They look like they have more money than what they actually do

Develop Solutions

I just knew I had to create a house that would be cheap and I went with that idea all the way. I thought of may different ways to get the materials for the house and came to the conclusion that almost everything, except for the containers could be acquired for free. There are foundations out there that reuse and repurpose materials. I am certain that in order to spread that believe they would be willing to donate some materials. It is also my believe that they will also be willing to give help constructing the house if a small piece of land is offered to them so they can spread their message and or have a community garden.

Final Design

My final design is very simplistic and it is not very flashy. I did this because even though Pilsen is a good neighborhood there is still a lot of violence and crime. I would not like the people living in my building to be victims of a crime. The materials are hypothetically being acquire by many companies that want to donate the materials.