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Robbie62099's Competition Project

2016 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Design an affordable housing prototype

Define the Problem

Design Affordable housing for a given area


cbushorn 1 year ago
What is that given area? What is your project based on?

Collect Info

I used the median income of the area and calculated how much space should be allocated to each room for an affordable price

Brainstorm Ideas

I made a bubble diagram and turned it into a basic floor plan which changed under the circumstances of the project

Develop Solutions

Reduced overall size to meet space requirements, Eliminated the need for a hallway between rooms, Smaller living room to meet space needs,

Final Design

This particular house design allows for both affordability and comfort. In addition to a manageable price, this design is Aesthetically Pleasing while falling within zoning ordinances of the municipal area. This design falls below the median income of the area, allowing for some of the budget to be allocated to furniture and decoration. One of the advantages of this house design is that it allows for large front and back yards to accommodate young children or outdoor parties. The location of this home is surrounded by trees on three sides, granting the residents privacy, as well as allowing them to save money on heating and/ or cooling. There is enough room for at least 2 children and 2 parents, as well as an outdoor deck area and 2 car garage. The layout of the home gives it a more spacious feel, and there are various areas with no designated purpose, allowing for further personalization.

The site chosen for this specific design is surrounded by trees on three sides, providing for easier cooling and heating in extreme weather. The trees also grant privacy to the residents by obscuring windows from outside view. The site is in an area in close proximity to various parks and recreational areas and a fairly active community. The materials used in the construction of this house would be locally sourced and environmentally friendly, minimizing production and transportation costs. The materials and material finishes of the interior and exterior of the house are aesthetically pleasing and blend well with the appearance of other parts of the house.


marshall.h 1 year ago
I really like your renderings, but I thinks that your floor plan could be re-configured. You have a-lot of wasted space, and with the kitchen not being open to your living room it makes your house seem smaller than it actually is.
trevor.w 1 year ago
I do have to agree with Hank on this one, your project has amazing capabilities, to fully encompass the beauty of your house, I would reconfigure the living space to create a vast open room that everyone can appreciate. Phenomenal project and I think the hard work paid off! :D