Tatiana's New Family Homes

2016 National DiscoverDesign Competition: Design an affordable housing prototype

Define the Problem

Often homes are designed with family's in mind. The homes I designed are specifically for recently started family's, which ideally include one child and the parents. I know that newly started family's will want the best for their children and that is why I needed to include a shared indoor play space that will allow the children to become more social and provide them with a safe space as large as their apartments to play. I also know that accomplishing day to day tasks with a child around is hard, and as a result I included a washer and dryer room. The overall idea behind this assignment was to build affordable housing and I didn't build a house, I built a home.


rebyfos 4 months ago
Projects have been managed and articulated for the success of the youngsters. The whole theme of the story and essay on time reviews has been altered for the use of the norms and all apparently followed items for the people in this story.

Collect Info

I was given the opportunity to meet with architects that are working on an affordable housing project and was inspired by many of their ideas. They were assigned a large piece of land where they would add affordable housing, but something they heavily stressed was that they wanted their land to allow the children a safe space. I only had a building, but since I was keeping in mind a newly started family I knew that I would have to accomplish a similar task. They also stressed that affordable housing doesn't mean it's made with cheaper materials (often times it is not because they have to meet more codes then normal homes). I was also inspired by examples of protruding windows and the effect it has on the facade. As well as by ideas of what a group could use a roof for.

Brainstorm Ideas

I began with a few ideas of who I wanted to the build the building for. It ranged from college students to recently married couples. I decided on recently started family's because it included children and couples which allow me to focus on a variety of main ideas that I had to keep in mind throughout the design process.


cbushorn 1 year ago
Where are the examples? More information and more explanations would help the viewer understand what brainstorming went on.

Develop Solutions

I had begun with almost a completely different layout but in the end I was happy with the more practical building. The home was initially going to be three floors but for safety reasons I chose to change it to two to allow for less of a height issue if something were to happen on the roof or third floor. Also the windows were limited after I reviewed the drawings to maintain the heat and air conditioning. The colors were also later changed to give it a happier atmosphere.

Final Design

The final design is a three tenant apartment with an open roof, that includes a shared space on the second floor the size of an apartment. Their are multiple open spaces available for the children to play in a safe environment. Each apartment provides the necessities that a family will need to thrive. I included an example of what the furniture could possible look like on the roof with families enjoying their time with one another. The resulting building will be made of brick and precast cement for the windows. Precast cement is cheaper than most other techniques on a large scale and most affordable homes are built in large scales to save government funds.


haybael 1 year ago
I like how you did a shared apartment. The idea of community especially in Chicago seems large. Also, the concept for your windows is very unique and usable. Your target towards new families is especially great, since those are the people that will typically need the benefits from a cheaper home. Overall great design.
trevor.w 1 year ago
Like Haybael said, I think developing a sense of community is a vital aspect to the affordable housing project. I think you did a wonderful job creating that! :)
cbushorn 1 year ago
Floor plans (somewhere) would be helpful to see, but I do like how you strived to create a community feel. With that said, while it is nice, it is a bit questionable whether or not the top floor space is really considered affordable, especially with how large the space looks.
DZiems 1 year ago
I think this is pretty incomplete without floor plans, because it becomes very hard to see how the "home" actually functions if the only space that can be seen is the open roof. I do like that the roof is open as a way to utilize space. You might want to include some kind of sound insulation so people going to sleep would not hear the banging of tables or chatter above them. The target on newer families does a good job of making the house versatile for many people because it will be more safe, comfortable, and fun to live there, so I think your focus was great. Making a house that is also a community really targets the design challenge well. You may want to include a little more information on how your house is affordable (use of certain affordable materials, size of the house, building orientation, etc.).
Competition Jury 1 year ago
Kerl Lajeune - You certainly had the right idea in mind with this scheme in trying to be efficient, both in form, materials and application. The design is missing strategies that would take the solution onto another level. The internal planning can take cues from the exterior materials and the various views that it offers.