username6969's Bedroom Redesign

Redesign Your Bedroom


Gene, Scar, and I have many problems with our bedrooms.
-Not big enough -Not enough appliances -No cool features

It is a problem because we would like to edit our bedrooms into having the elements we need and even add an extra flare for character.

Brainstorm Ideas

modernized look nice water/sky view fish tank / desk / walkway raised water bed springboard infront of bed mini fridge basketball hoop on trashcan flat screen (surround sound w/ Xbox) fire pit dope lamp grey, white, black theme discoball/ strobe light

massage chair little seating couch walkin closet 1 bull head pole

Develop Solutions

make sure there is enough area in the room to possess all of our preferred appliances Picked out upscaled material to fit in with our modernized appearance

Final Design

For the construction of our room, we have settled to let the crazy designs go due to the fact Sketch up wasn't working with us. After endless trial and error, we worked with the tools we knew to construct what is still a modified version of our dream room, just with out the discoball and other unneeded accesories. Overall, everyone got what we wanted in our bedroom and the project was a great learning experience.