Teacher User Guide

Now that you have been granted Teacher status on DiscoverDesign...

You have access to teacher-specific features like:

Below are some instructions to get you started. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Managing Classes and Students

From your dashboard (at the top of the window), select Design Challenges

     Teacher Dashboard


To add students to your classes, start by first setting up a class. Click on Active Classes+ Add Class.

     Adding student to class


Once you’ve clicked on + Add Class, you can Title your class and set start and end dates for your class.

     Adding a class

To add Students, start typing their name in. If they already have an account, the form will auto-complete.

     Student auto complete

Make sure to click Save.

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Assigning Design Challenges and Setting Deadlines

To assign a Design Challenge to your class, Click on Design Challenges in your dashboard.

     Assigning a design challenge


This will take you to a list of all the official Design Challenges.

You can assign a design challenge by clicking on the Assign Button

     Assign the challenge


After clicking on Assign you should be able to assign challenges to a whole class, individual students, and set deadlines for each step of the Design Challenge. 

     Personalize Assignment

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Modifying or "Cloning" Design Challenges

If you would like to modify an existing design challenge to better fit your students' needs, select Design Challenges from your dashboard. 

     design challenges selecting


A list of design challenges will appear. The challenges with the DD logo next to them are official DD design challenges, and those without were created by other teachers. 

Find the name of the design challenge you would like to copy, or "clone." In the Operations column click the arrow next to Assign, and select Clone.



You will be asked if you would like to Duplicate the design challenge. Select Duplicate.


The cloned design challenge will appear at the top of the list of Design Challenges. In the Title column select your cloned design challenge to start making edits. 

     duplicated challenge created


Your cloned design challenge will appear. Please select Edit to begin making changes. 

     Edit the challenge


Once your edits are complete, scroll to the bottom of the page to publish your design challenge. From the drop down menu you can choose to Save and keep unpublished. That means your work will be saved but the design challenge will not be made public until you select Save and keep published

     publish the challenge

To view your challenge (published or unpublished) select Design Challenges from the Dashboard. 

     final step

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